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Divine Dental Home, also known as DDH dental associates, is an incorporated private dental practice, with a clear mission to give Nigerians a better smile With an in-depth knowledge of the major constraints of dental and oral care services in Nigeria; AFFORDABILITY, ACCESSIBILITY & AWARENESS, DDH is in business to provide premium dental and oral care services above all these constraints….read more divine dental home


To provide for Nigerians affordable, accessible, friendly and premium dental care.


We sterilise all our instruments with autoclave machines. For consumable needless, we dispose after single use. All surface barriers are properly disinfected. All necessary precaution for the safety of both the Dentist, assisting nurse and patients are fully considered, and fully guaranteed, beautiful-smiles-banner_img We have a fully developed skilful approach to painless dentistry. Our pain management skill is not limited to during the dental treatment, but also after the treatment.We ensure to make all our patient satisfied, happy and smiling.


In our customer-centric mindset, we have a budget friendly and flexible payment options that can make all our patients have access and receive elective dental services. Advanced and specialist services that seem out of reach are very affordable at DDH.


We are very mindful of the fast lifestyle of our present world, making 24 hours sometime too short for one day. So we endeavour to place our patient’s treatment on schedule that is most suitable with their personal day to day activities. We work hard to keep to appointed time schedule and to communicate ahead if need for any change.


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